Mustang new engine creates different sound

Outwardly, the Mustang is as it should be. There is a long wicked-looking, powerful and brazen bow. It is a genuine and original Mustang-spirit. But when the car started, then double pipes breaking the world a little metal growling V8 engine instead of rohinan.
Under the hood four-cylinder turbocharged 2.3-liter Ecoboost petrol mill. Frankly, it doubts the advance. Complex Machine and Mustang!
When driving, doubts began to gradually change to a slight respect.
Exhaust-voiced, of course, lacked the Chevy deep wheeze, but please also began to replace metal growling 317-horsepower four-cylinder turbo. The sound is the most strong strength. It reflects fourth-Mussen driveability. When the ankle correct, then the drive shafts race parts vibration can almost sense the gas toes throughout. Car acceleration and movement really knows.
If the drive mode to adjust the Sport + position, the traction control allows a quick lick wheels. Sand road stern gets in a sharp skid, but the right is easily counter-steering. It recalls that the inhibitions slip switched completely off-track driving mode – then have to be careful.
Wheels tightens its grip on the road and the Mustang is a pleasure commands. Very far away are the recollection of the 60 figures in a seesaw-Mustang balanced turbo.
A manual gearbox the little-Mustang is the promised 8 liter average fuel consumption. It will be yes a dream. Quite in a pretty run at speeds of less than a hundred I got 9.8 liters. Urban and to increase the consumption of easily more than 11 liters. This is the price that the Mustang enthusiastic will have to pay compared to their European competitors.
On the highway Mustang jyrraa steady like a train, and the eyes can rest your bonnet jykevissa forms. This car bonnet is displayed in the cockpit.
Braking power is enough: the European versions are included as standard. brakes and chassis so-called. perfomance package coilovers .
The seats are Solid, well supported ahead. Behind the sitting waterline neck and ankles roll and the front seats in front liu back seat access easier.
Dashboard, combines modernity, retrous and is accompanied by a drop in the American plastic taste. The instrument panel colored metal panel displays made of plastic, but the door panels are curios and more realistic.

AutoEsporte ExpoShow presents trends in “car tuning”

Tuning, optimization and customization. Engine Parts These three words define the “tuning” or “car tuning” or “custom” that becomes the modification and customization of a vehicle with the aid of parts, accessories and special paints. The term originated in England and is being used by car buffs worldwide. Differentiated wheels, demotion, equipment for speed and LED lights can transform the vehicle into a real machine, generating ever more passion among the custom of lovers. In Brazil, the technique gained momentum and more fans after the release of the famous franchise Fast and Furious movies.
To meet the growing product public as the “custom”, Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado, even organizer International Motor Show, will launch at the Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion, between 21 and 24 November, the AutoEsporte ExpoShow. The unprecedented event will be packed with technological innovations and present the best market products to give a single face to vehicles.
According to Rodrigo Rumi, Coilovers director of automotive portfolio of Reed, the idea of ??creating the AutoEsporte ExpoShow happened last Motor Show in 2012, when the survey of the public showed a high number of consumers interested in accessories and equipment. “The birth of the new fair is a response to the desire of the public. Almost 40% of the 750,000 auto show visitors sought to find accessories and automotive equipment. As important as having a car is to leave the car with your way, “his guy.” That’s what AutoEsporte Expo Show will show: the many versions that a car can have, “he explains.
With “customized” getting more and more space in the streets and in the press, the market started to offer more options in the auto parts industry and after-market accessories and services sector. The executive said that currently there are numerous companies and websites specializing in marketing of products for autos modification and department stores already have departments towards this target audience. So the idea is to bring these companies in a single space and present this new universe to the fair visitors. “It can be said that the custom is a more dynamic activity that the preparation of engines, as the news appear in frantic, steady pace, with new materials, ideas, turbocharger uk and equipment every day,” adds Rumi.

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