The box horse year fifa 18 coins is expected

The box horse year is expected to expand to 10 stores in fifa 18 coins, 3 km through intensive service circle the final form of full coverage of the core area of Beijing residents. Tmall supermarket fifa 18 coins food distribution is also accelerating. Through the platform of cold chain logistics and Xianda rookie, single consumer online, the system fifa coins automatically send the order fifa 18 coins to the nearest store, packaged by the store after the warehouse to complete the package selection, the whole 1 hours can to consumers at home. At present Beijing access to fifa 18 coins stores have 36, has basically covered the main city of Beijing. Consumer groups is expected this year will increase 20. The retail logistics through online and offline fifa 18 coins, there is a A series of big data, mobile Internet, smart things, automation operation, to nba 2k18 mt the optimal match between field, goods, three. Alibaba said the group CEO fifa 18 coins Yong the day before,

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Have strong fifa coins 18 vitality

Have strong vitality, have great complementary advantages, fifa coins 18 between the two sides can acceleration development. The day before yesterday, a group of fifa coins 18 enterprises came to Panama with the local enterprises to establish contacts, once signed a $38 million 700 thousand contract Chinese Panama commodity exports. This is only a fifa coins 18 chopper has shown, Pakistan’s edge. Wang Yi said that the establishment of diplomatic ties the performance of the hundred days, we hit 100 points. The how to buy hut coins step, China is fifa coins 18 to work with Pakistan to work closely together, continue to strengthen exchanges in all areas at all levels, enhance mutual understanding and trust, cooperation as soon as fifa coins 18 for Pakistan building blocks.Today morning, China naval fleet participating in the Sino Russian buy madden coins maritime – 2017 “second phase of the exercise arrived in Russia Vladivostok, fifa coins 18 Russian Navy held a grand welcome ceremony at the pier.

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Gallinari close to the back, is expected to be able to participate in training camp

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According to Basketball Insiders reporter Eric Pincus reports, he heard the Clippers striker Daniela – Gallinari can come back in a few days, should be able to participate in the team training camp.

Gallinari suffered a slight injury to the right thumb at the end of July, when he was expected to be absent for three to four weeks.

Gary Nali had a clash before attending an Italian match against the Netherlands and Jito Kok in the basket. Jito Kok first hit a heavy punch directly hit Gallinari, then, Gallinari a right uppercase hit Kok’s face, Gallinari was injured.

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Gallinari averaged 33.9 minutes to play, you can get 18.2 points and 5.2 rebounds and 2.1 assists.
According to the Oklahoma City newspaper reporter Brett Dawson reported that the two soldiers of the Thunder Alex – Avrines and Patrick – Patterson have returned to Oklahoma city. Thunder did not give a clear return to the timetable, but their injuries have made good progress.

Avrines this summer with the Spanish national team played the European Championship, but in the first match against Montenegro in the game suffered a knee injury. Then Spain and the Thunder reached a consensus, the end of the European Tour of Avrines.

Patterson on the local time on August 10 successfully accepted the left knee arthroscopic surgery, the Thunder said Patterson’s knee without structural damage. He spent most of his time in Oklahoma City. According to a Thunder official, Patterson recovered well.

Thunder will be held in the local time on Monday the media day, the training camp will be the second day of the media officially began.
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