the Bulls play a wave of 6-2 will be reduced to 5 points difference

Distal up, the Bulls play a wave of 6-2 will be reduced to 5 points difference. But a small buy mt cheap even take 5 points to lead the team back to a wave of 11-4, Horford dunk labeled 2 +1, the Green Army to 92-80 lead. Since, the Celtics firmly maintained a leading edge, Horford 58 seconds before the final again labeled as 2 +1, the Green Army 104-92 lead. Kannan soared in the third, but the Bulls back to the, the final Celtics to 104-95 beat the opponent, the total score at 2-2.

Emergencies: There are two conflicts between the two sides. The second quarter with 8 minutes and 50 seconds left, Butler shot, the Maite card bit grabbed the defensive rebounds, in his dribbling process, Butler has been with the body to withstand the Matt, Kanan took the buy nba mt coins Steals succeeded to complete the layup, some unhappy Smart and Butler in the basket of physical conflict, the two sides received a technical foul. The third section before the of the small Thomas and Maike Wei and clash, small assassin first directed at the Wei shouting trash, then the two nba mt now, the final referee also whipped a small Thomas a technical foul.


the advantages of the Warriors 2k vc will still be quite obvious

The next game, if Noucheqi Qi failed to return, the advantages of the Warriors insider will still be quite obvious. McKee in the field, not only excellent athletic ability, and the ability to frame outstanding, to the opponent with a huge deterrent. And his outstanding performance today may be able to bring more playing time. Beijing time on April 20, the NBA playoffs continue, the Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers, relying on the third section of the attack wave of 28-12, the Warriors pulled the score in one fell 2k vc, and ultimately 110-81 victory Trail Blazers, Series 2-0 lead. Curry three points 19 points 6 rebounds and six assists, Thompson 16 points, 7 points in the 7-game 7 scored 7 points, Green 6 points and 12 rebounds and 10 assists. Trail Blazers 15 points and 8 rebounds, Lillard 12 points McClure 11 points.

Today, Durant missed, the Warriors of the four giants left 2k vc people, an urgent need to stand up to make up for the Durant vacancy. People did not think that today, McKee became a warrior Jones. McKee in the nba 2k coins 7 of 7 shots, 1 free throw 1, get 15 points 5 rebounds 1 steals 4 blocks. In the McKee’s score in both hands back buckle, there is a strong split button, a little 2k vc hit, there are air relay, the performance can be quite comprehensive. Especially in the second quarter of the game Blazers will be reduced to 1 point difference, McKee at both ends of the performance of 2k vc attack and defense, as the Warriors to re-pull the difference between the maximum protection. In nba 2k mt coins first contest on both sides, the Warriors home 121 to 109 beat the Trail Blazers, although the Blazers scored 75 points, still without success. The second warrior’s Durant can not play, the pioneer won a great opportunity to win.

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Regular season buy mt to wait until late June to be announced

Regular season MVP to wait until late June to be announced, from the voice of the crowd, the ultimate winner is basically in James – Harden and Russell – Westbrook between the birth. And the first round of buy mt playoffs in the playoffs, so that the discussion of MVP has become more interesting. The first round of the first round of the playoffs, buy mt first half Harden’s scoring efficiency in general, 20 9 to get 18 points. Into the third quarter, Harden in the opening of the first round with a whistle hit a record cheap nba 2k coins buy mt, and finally broke the previous 6 vote lost three points shortage. At the end of the week, Harden took the ball against Andrew – Robertson, who shook his hand with the defender, and broke the layup after he made the classic “salt” action again.

Getting into the nirvana rocket constantly opened points difference, the end of the middle section of Harden and then dropped into two notes three points, the game basically lost the suspense, cheap nba vc final rocket made a 31 points victory. Harden 28 in 13 to get 37 buy mt and 7 rebounds and 9 assists, opposite buy mt Wei less in Patrick – Beverly’s defense to get 22 points and 11 rebounds and 7 assists.


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