Something goes wrong with the PC version of FIFA 15

Many PC users were disappointed by not having the fifa 15 coins issue of the previous season with the improvements offered by the new graphics engine EA Sports , is that despite the obvious technical superiority of desktops, FIFA 14 was based the “light” version that had been developed with PS3 and Xbox360 in mind.

One of the most promising features of FIFA 15 on PC was definitely engine inclusion IGNITE and equated with the quality of the console versions of cheap fifa 15 coins new generation, however, and several days after its release, this incorporation is assuming more headaches than joy for fans of the series.

Since its launch, the official EA forums have entered into boiling with thousands of users by the outcry to the poor performance of FIFA 15 on PC that far exceed the recommended requirements.

The problem, of unknown origin at the time of writing due to lack of official information, lies in terrible slowdowns that cause stoppages in the continuous development of the party, affecting even the continuous clicking sound and small loops in both the atmosphere stadiums and effects foot field.

In writing we wanted to do some checking to assess the extent of the problem with our own eyes. We used a PC with a processor of 3.4 Ghz 4 cores , 16 GB of RAM and a graphics card GeForce GTX 660 running under Windows 7 (64 bits), a team that comfortably exceeds the recommended requirements of the game, and moves reasonably smooth so other titles priori technically demanding as Battlefield 4 Wolfenstein: The New Order or GRID Autosport.

It does not seem that these problems affect all teams mid-high range, as some users with certain hardware configurations claim not suffer any problems with the game, but the truth is that neither has managed to specify compatibility issues concrete, so today, confusion reigns when it comes to establishing that component or configuration may conflict with the game code. In addition, some users report even more serious problems such as random program crashes, or a drop in performance just browsing through the menus of the game.

Possible solutions to the problem are not very encouraging today, since it requires changing the 3D settings on the graphics card to make certain exceptions to FIFA 15 Examples include disabling the interlaced optimization and triple buffering , or activation of the V-sync .

One drawback is that the graphics settings of the game itself just to configure elements other than the resolution, the level of quality or antialiasing , forcing many users to play with (and not always with the knowledge) on the panel control of the graphics card, as annoying and unnecessary procedure that there is never having recourse if title is well suited.

As we have seen, some of these changes allow for a more fluid, but not completely solve the problem, so it seems that immediate action is required EA Sports to release a patch to improve the poor optimization of the game a wide range of different end PCs.

At the moment, despite the huge amount of users clamoring for heads to roll in their own forums, except small contributions by moderators, EA is silent on the subject, which creates even more uncertainty. Most suspicious of the whole thing is that the demo of the game released a few weeks before the release of the final version worked without any problem on any computer that meets the required specifications, something that many users have been interpreted as the ” perfect claim ” to fall into the trap.

Such is the stir that even organized are organizing different threads on the official forums with the tools to make the return game in its online edition explanations. Unfortunately for some, the service ” Guarantee of Origin great game “allows for reimbursement, but only if performed 24h after playing for the first time, or failing that, after 7 days of the product purchase (without actually try the game), and assuming that it can carry out the return process, because as we have seen, we find obstacles as redirects to pages in other languages ??or nonexistent urls.

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WOW Players Little Quirks: Rinky-dink in Bag but not willing to give up

World of Warcraft Players some time has such little quirks — count those rinky-dink in your bag without usual usage but still not throw out, do you have? Maybe some of them were exchanged with some wow gold in the old time, but they are out for now. We cherish them because we don’t want to forget the game fun.

The bag of WOW player just likes Doraemon pocket, which is filled with a variety of props, equipment, toys… The author stroll BBS chanced upon meet a proposal that show the items in your game character bags with, but always do not often use. The topic strikes a chord among a lot of players, and it seems that everyone is more or less would like to put something to carry except Virgo players, although those items have not much use.

The reward of Monkey island hidden tasks is to send 1 golden banana, and players who own it has said it is “heavy”. Now there are many such small toys in new version, always a few will let you fondle admiringly.

Piccolo is carried in the bag, when you pass by a bank or auction house with guests, click piccolo, looked at a group of people in a flurry, meet silently leave…Although these small objects don’t really bring actual benefits for your fight or help you accumulate more gw2 gold, but it will give a person true happiness.

Although real recipes are very easy to fall, some players still not willing to eating delicious wind snakes in the bag. Many friends said they would carry the orange weapons; even if some of the equipment is on the body, but also like put them in the bag. Every time open the package see orange, they will be very happy. And, in many toys, represented by paper airplane – the most popular toys can interaction between players. Everyone likes in the raid, five people who take it, and make strange covertly bag onto the teammates, or tossed among a few people. Those happy times can’t be exchanged by plenty of wow gold.

So, what items cherished by you in your bag?

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FIFA 15 comes out using the Emotional Intelligence

FIFA 15 appears with lots of aspects and Emotional Intelligence is one of them. You will discover more than six hundred new emotional reactions. The players now respond toward bigger moments more than the pitch as they might do in the genuine life. The players can go for fifa 15 coins on the web as they take portion in bartering the players on the transfer marketplace whilst making a strong FIFA 15 group. Every player does have an attitude or feeling to every single teammate and opponent more than the pitch. You can find terrible tackles, missed possibilities as well as the vital ambitions. There are actually twenty two players more than the pitch that’s to react naturally depended on the occurrences when the match is going on. The facial expressions as well as the body language are to produce the player gain the practical experience on the traits and emotion in the preferred players. The players can opt for buying fifa 15 coins on the internet to accumulate the needed things along with the players inside a more rapidly succession.

the active match presentation of FIFA 15

The match day is active and animated. The player is usually to stay in the moment. It truly is to become hugged within the action on and about the pitch. The custom manners mean the distinctive crowds using the cheers and chants depended on their country or the club. Liverpool devotees at Anfield are to be noticeably diverse towards the help of Boca Juniors in La Bombonera. The iconic stadiums appear incredibly authentic and it is actually to feel totally realized with the identifiable devotees plus the distinctive atmosphere. The players can acquire fifa 15 coins online now. The commentators are to mirror the way of reactions of the fans. It really is just like the Manchester Crowd coping with the Poznan and crowd songs. The least expensive fifa 15 coins are obtainable at the on-line gaming residence now.

the subsequent generation goalkeeper of FIFA 15

The goalkeeper happen to be entirely rewritten for FIFA 15 and you can find more than fifty new saving animations, created AI along with a new practical played model. The next generation goalkeepers are extra responsive and fluid even though they may be moving, seeking and thinking like the actual-life keepers. The major alterations to the goalkeepers are goalkeeper reactions, keeper AI and new solutions to score. Get FIFA ultimate team Coins On the web.

the reactions of Goalkeepers

The keepers now read and act in response towards the gameplay condition. It’s regulating their movement if it is going through the wrong direction. It truly is generating the last-ditch saving by reaching back or throwing out a leg. FIFA 15 also introduces a brand new level of practicality to the way keepers respond for the shots which can be harder to cope with. Previously, the goalkeepers may possibly catch most of the balls that they touched. The players would discover a brand new selection of authentic deflection plus the tip animations because the keepers attempt to make a save. The fifa coins on the web is accessible at the online gaming residence now.

the introduction of keeper of AI

The goalkeepers make the far better choices in drilling of two players. The tracking in the ball more than the crosses, corners and via the balls to their box happens. The keepers in FIFA 15 authorize their region with more consciousness and intelligence in comparison towards the past. The goalies are also study the flight of balls plus the player will be to discover more selection in how they respond to turn sharply, go down or turbulent shots. The players can obtain fifa coins on the web now inside the most very affordable cost now.


The Dynamic Match Presentation in FIFA 15

atch Day is active and animated. The gamer would be to keep within the moment as engrossed in the action on and around the pitch. The manners of custom indicate the distinct crowds with the cheers and chants depending on their club or the country. The iconic stadiums seem extremely genuine and feel entirely realized using the identifiable devotees and the distinctive impressions. The commentators are to mirror the reactions from the devotees. It really is the Manchester City crowd coping with Poznan in conjunction with the club songs. The ball boy animations, bench reactions, and dynamic LED boards are to hold inside the game. Matches in FIFA 15 are so very good plus the gamer demands all-new ten-man celebrations. The gamers can have a take a look at at ut coin traders to buy fifa 15 coins within the most reasonably priced price to produce a dream FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 brings a brand new approach to the gamer to take care of the squads in conjunction with the team sheets all via the gaming modes. There is certainly to personalize the six diverse team sheets per club and transform the approach on the gamer based on the subsequent opponent. You can find the altering approaches in game along with the fitness on the players. It truly is to acquire the preferred group playing the way, the gamer likes to play. You’ll find the team sheets becoming available in Career Mode, Match Day or Kick Off, the on the web friendlies along with the tournaments. The players can go for ut coin traders to avail the fifa 15 coins within the most reasonably priced expense.

the consideration of directions

You can find 5 invading and guarding player directions to be applied to each of your ten outfield players. These lessons make the gamer take care of the aggressive run and the players of the defensive positions even though taking on the pitch and supplying the deeper personalized selections to the way of setting up the group. Regarding the formations, it truly is to go for preset for any of your customized squads and it is actually to choose up the very best to take on the next challenger with the gamer. The players can opt to buy fifa coins in the skilled on the internet ut coin traders to accumulate the very best out there players and the things to make a dream FIFA 15 team.

the consideration in the roles

It is actually to set the roles like captain, set piece along with the penalty takers for each and every on the squads. It truly is to set the techniques. It is actually to depict a default team tactic to every single in the team sheets. Therefore, the gameplan of your gamer is protected before striking the pitch. Moreover, it truly is to go deeper and append the customized techniques to any of the line-ups of the gamer. The all-new Group Management layout converts it straightforward to go deeper on personalizing the team of your gamer.

the next gen goalkeepers of FIFA 15

The subsequent gen goalkeepers have already been completely rewritten with more than 50 new save animations. There is the developed AI, and sensible player model.

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You’ve gotta be either a ffxiv gil buyer

What I do is that I have friends who are selling clears to keep track of the people buying clears. What’s funny is that a lot of them are “regulars” and I’m not saying they buy ffxiv gil or anything but….they don’t craft either…. Anyways, what we do is if some random person I don’t know join our farm I ask those who sell clears if the person is a customer or not. If they say yes then that’s an immediate red flag. If not, we’ll try the person out.


I dislike it mostly because I think it incentivates RMT. Clears ask for payment in the millions, and I have a hard time believing that someone who cannot grasp the game mechanics of a fight has however the skills to make huge amounts of money in a time SO short that they won’t consider it a massive waste of time and effort to dump it all into the clear of one single round at a duty. You can make money fast enough, yes, but it’s always something exhausting and that requires dedication and time to make, nothing worth throwing in a payment for a single boss battle. People can come and tell me they bought clears with honestly earned Final Fantasy XIV Gil but I simply cannot conceive that as the truth.


You’ve gotta be either a Cheap FFXIV Gil buyer or a hard-worker with a very stupid sense of value to buy clears. Just my two cheap ffxiv gils.


The OP is specifically asking about kill selling. Just because you’ve experience of players who’re bad in FCOB, doesn’t mean that they paid for their clears of T9, some could have been carried without paying, others might have even contributed to the fight but spent large portions of it dead. There are any number of reasons why someone’s terrible in FCOB, it doesn’t automatically mean that they paid for T9 or T5. For the record, I know a few people that are good at T13 and have kills, but they’re fairly bad at T9.


A lot of people that buy, are buying specific drops, in part because their own friends aren’t willing to do 8 T9 kills or 15 Shiva Extreme kills for a specific item of loot, or because they keep losing the rolls to other people, which is where kill selling groups come in. At the end of the day, most ffxiv gil sale is useless in this game, it only buys crafted items which can be worthwhile in some cases, but aren’t essential, other than that, you don’t need as much gil as can be made from various daily & weekly tasks, so why not spend it on a specific loot item?


The only real negative aspects of kill selling, is that it can lead to more demand for RMT, which in turn leads to more RMT advertising spam. And from my observations, the other negative aspect comes from people who’re strongly against ffxiv skills selling claiming it’s unethical or immoral, and how these people like to act morally superior with the way they treat people that do kill sell.

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Surprise FUT Transfer Updates Go Live

Fans of Fut Coins FIFA are chomping at the bit as the Fut 15 Coins January transfer window comes to a close and the January update release date edges closer.
As the window grows older more transfers are made between clubs, and a FIFA fan’s game becomes more and more out of date. This is an obvious frustration that leaves millions tearing their hair out as they frantically edit their game’s squads, trying to keep up.
This makes the day that FIFA releases the January update all the more special. It’s bigger than Christmas, really.

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