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From that moment on, Louis Cartier was fascinated by Chinese art

What is it? Is the first encounter when the love at first sight, after each other’s understanding of each other, it is “hold your hand, with the old age” of the long-term commitment, Cartier and China is also the edge of the past 100 years, two from Meticulous will be reflected in the heart of the master together, together with the countless wonderful artistic legend.

Since Marco Polo’s book preached his time in the fantastic experience of the East, Europeans’ interest in China has been increasing. By the late 18th century, with the rapid increase in China’s imports of goods, a large number of Chinese handicrafts and antique into Europe, in the upper class in a popular, highly respected. Cartier’s third generation descendant – Louis Cartier, at this time met the ancient Cartier love bracelet replica, from the Chinese forged a bond between.

This fate began in 1888. One day, in the royal aristocracy has been very prestigious Louis Cartier received Boneman (Vicomtesse deBonnemain) Viscount’s orders, asked her to a Chinese antique lacquer cabinet, transformed into a unique jewel, when that With a soft Chinese landscape pattern of small cabinet was sent to Louis, Cartier eyes, he was immediately by its unique exotic culture breath deeply shocked. Lacquerware This infiltration of thousands of years of long history of the ancient craft, as if a key to open the Chinese art temple, given him to explore this mysterious country of infinite passion.

From that moment on, Louis Cartier was fascinated by Chinese art, he from the French first-class antique experts there to buy a lot of Chinese eighteen, nineteenth century antique, which by agate, jade, crystal, coral, lacquer made Exquisite handicrafts, inspired him to create a number of unique creative unique works.

The influence of China was very prominent in the works of Cartier in the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century. Chinese culture and the inspiration of the art of the fountain, combined with Cartier abstract ideas and superb craftsmanship, the achievements of countless different gestures, rich variety of art treasures.

These works, some directly borrow the ready-made “Chinese stuff”, but for the new ideas, such as a brooch in 1924, a Qing Dynasty was originally used to tie the belt of the first chi-chuyu Cui hook, was Cartier cleverly on the back with gold-plated pin care child, in the dragon’s head and the beginning and end of the addition of both fixed and beautiful effect of diamonds, and then black enamel and white diamonds processing two longan. In this way, the traditional Chinese ornaments actually become a practical and stylish Western brooch.

This clever idea also appears in the clockwork. Originated in the Northern and Southern Dynasties of the screen, is the Chinese literati desk to block the cold wind and line of art, and Cartier carved with the Chinese landscape of the jade screen into a clock chassis. The 19th century, the common Chinese jade seal to the Cartier hands, the bottom was placed on the dial, the seal above the lion’s waist was wearing diamonds, rubies and jade made of decorative chain – a very unique hanging table was born, It is amazing.

Another type of Chinese-style Cartier works, from China’s color, patterns, craft inspired by the complete and complete, such as the 1919 “yin and yang” ornaments to onyx, ruby, jade and diamonds and other materials, ingenuity According to the Taoist yin and yang graphics to produce a pair of colored spherical pendant, for the fine Western jewelry into the Chinese philosophy,

Animal theme design is the characteristics of Cartier, many in China has a unique symbol of the animals, but also vividly appear in the world of Cartier love ring replica. Whether it is a symbol of divine power and imperial power of the dragon, the symbol of auspicious and wishful unicorn, or on behalf of the longevity of the turtle and the meaning of auspicious Phoenix, or even intended to “more than a year,” the carp, are Cartier ingenious in a variety of delicate bracelets, necklaces , Handbags, watches, dressing box … …

In addition, in the works of Cartier can often see the shadow of the Chinese gods. Such as in the jewelry, wall clock appears Maitreya Buddha, the figure is short, smiley smile of the Buddha’s love of the charm of Cartier performance was vivid.

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