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Wear jewelry precautions in summer shy little girl also has to wear a romantic way

Romantic summer colorful, it can be said that no one of the color of the season can be compared to the summer color of the colorful. Although the summer is a hot season, but for many girls fascinated, the calendar has not yet turned to the early summer, the vibrant heart began to pondering the summer dress up.

In the summer, because most of the clothing for the short-sleeved, reveal the opportunity to more arms; so experienced girls will focus on the arm to show the beauty of wearing bracelets. The most annoying is wearing a bracelet girl, dress skirt, Chinese on the lapel buckle, tender lotus-like wrist wearing a bracelet, very elegant, very warm, there is a kind of unspeakable water tenderness.

Of course, this is a very traditional picture, and the recent popular bracelet mostly wide, in addition, a wrist wearing a lot of bracelet is also common. Replica Cartier jewelry use the material known to change, with the most traditional metal, because the surface treatment of many new patterns, face greatly updated. At the same time, those with plastic, glass, wood and other materials produced by the bracelet, but also to catch the trendy girls are chasing rods.

Wearing bracelets in the summer can be refreshing and generous, but the Oriental women are mostly petite, the popular large-scale Zhou to make the appropriate choice.

At the same time, wear bracelets and earrings should be omitted when the necklace is not worn. Such as must wear a necklace, and even the chest above the short chain is appropriate, while the best to remove the earrings, so that it will not compete with the bracelet glory, so as not to affect the beauty of ornaments. The gold bracelet, embedded in the bracelet, the above may also decorated with patterns, such luxury and rich bracelet, it is suitable for adult women to wear.

Because the summer weather is hot, clothes and more soft and close, breathable good clothing, this clothing not only wear soft, comfortable, chic, but also to reflect the beauty of the female body curve. So the summer is also the women who make the body beautiful curve of the season. Beautiful girl with a nice curve will seize this great opportunity to wear tight waistwear, use the waist chain or umbilical ring to show their charming charm of the waist.

Shy little girl also has to wear a romantic way.

“Open-style” dress is a good choice, can make the arm, neck, chest and other parts of the exposed more in order to enjoy the arm necklace or bracelet, etc., but also look generous and elegant. This choice of hair, hair are made in the headdress on the article will be very easy, long skirt hair plus headdress, look lively and romantic. If the round face of the girls can also choose “V” collar collar dress, in the middle of the face to wear a pectoral, more romantic atmosphere.

The colorful summer makes us have a romantic, and free is the main theme of www.ourlovestore.com . Romantic friends, I believe you will be able to grasp, will be able to enjoy the enjoyment.

In the summer, fashionable T-shirts are also popular among girls. Shirt with skirt, trousers or suit shorts, etc., will give people a sense of beauty. At this time the best ornaments is a beautiful sun hat, if coupled with sunglasses or dark sunglasses, that in the romantic will be more chic. The hair can be used “sports”, “light”, “student” and so on. If the long hair high beam, you can tie an elegant ribbon or wearing a head flower, will be intoxicated. Or, the long hair compiled into a chic big braids, slightly decorated, horizontal and pretty.

Crystal jewelry and body with a perfect match

Each girl has its own physical characteristics and different places with others, the body is born, we can according to their own physical characteristics to create their own unique advantages, giving a natural beauty. The general body crystal body is divided into the following:

  1. Fullness: plump women because the body is too rounded, easy to appear bloated, short neck, so wear crystal jewelry should be the focus of others to focus on the center of the body. Thick and short necklace, will make people feel the wearer’s neck more stubby, so the necklace should choose long and thin, pendant modeling large and varied. Long-shaped pendant necklace can focus on the necklace, so that the wearer’s body is not so compelling.

In order to strengthen the role of the central long-shaped pendant necklace, both sides of the earrings, rings, bracelets and other jewelry, it is best to taste subtle, simple shape is better. Because the fullness of the woman’s arms and wrist is relatively thick, if you want to wear bracelets or arm ring, should choose wide and wide, too small will make people feel more thick arm. In general, this woman’s fingers tend to be short and flat, so it is best to wear a narrow edge of the ring, you can play the role of lengthening the fingers of the landscaping.

  1. slim type: slim woman because the body is too thin, and easy to look weak, the impression of poor color.

Because of its limbs and neck are relatively slender, choose to wear crystal jewelry principles, should let others move to the left and right sides of the line of sight.

In order to make the neck look appropriate, crystal necklace and crystal pendant can not be too long, should choose small and simple. As for the earrings, rings, Cartier love bracelet replica , etc. will have to choose gorgeous and complicated style, such as ears wearing a slightly larger dazzling earrings (tourmaline earrings), or in the wrist to wear a variety of decorative bracelets, through the ears, double Arms and wrist ornaments to inflate people’s attention, so that the wearer will not appear too thin.

  1. Health: healthy women, although belonging to the middle body, but because the body curve is not soft enough, and give the boy’s impression.

This body is characterized by limbs have muscles, if the dress with improper, people will have a chunky illusion. Therefore, the choice of jewelry should be the principle of soft grams just, with soft temperament jewelry to dilute the boy-like hard gas, add a sense of soft fiber.

Necklace to choose slender and simple shape, it is best to use soft garnet or the same elegant pendant. As for the earrings or the thickness of the ring, you have to actually go with the look and then decide, because too thick like a male jewelry, and too thin and its strong fingers do not match.


How to identify and choose sapphire

Sapphire with a variety of jewelry, can be described as brilliant. Summer to give people a sense of cool, winter wear people feel the spring in accordance with the side, which is the charm of sapphire. When you choose to have a savvy sapphire jewelry, you will feel comfortable and satisfied. So, how to choose sapphire? First, it is possible to correctly identify sapphires. Identification of sapphire steps with the same ruby, that is divided into two steps, the first step is to sapphire and other blue gems to distinguish; the second step is to sapphire natural stone and artificial identification of human products. And sapphire are confused with: blue spinel, kyanite, blue tourmaline, blue cone mine, Dong Qingshi, Tanzan stone and so on. And ruby, sapphire and other Cartier love ring replica blue gems the difference, mainly by the hardness test. Because the sapphire Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamonds, other possible substitutes and counterfeit goods than it is low, for the finished product has been pondering, it can be used to characterize the standard hardness of jade, crystal and other hardness to determine the hardness, according to the hardness You can roughly sure whether it is sapphire.

In addition, according to the specific gravity, refractive index and other characteristics, can distinguish between easy and sapphire confused substitutes. The proportion of sapphire is 3.97-4.08 and the refractive index is 1.766-1.744. Blue spinel: hardness 8, the proportion of 3.6-3.8, single refractive index is generally 1.72. Blue spinel blue is gray with blue. No dichroism, as opposed to sapphire, which is a more reliable way. In addition, the blue spinel is blue with a red color; the artificial spinel is orange and the sapphire does not change color. Artificial spinel is sometimes posing as sapphire, due to contain cobalt elements, light exposure, the common red flash.

Blue tourmaline: hardness 7, the proportion of 3.05, the refractive index of 1.62-1.65, lower than the sapphire Generally no response under the color filter. But chrome tourmaline in the filter under the bright red appearance. Tourmaline blue is usually dark green and dark green indigo. Experienced people can be identified at a glance. Measured refractive index and absorption spectra are more reliable.

Tanzanite: hardness of 6.5-7, the proportion of 3.5, the refractive index of 1.69-1.70, produced in Tanzania. It is blue and transparent zoisite, the composition of calcium and aluminum silicate. The color of water containing 2% sodium 0.02% of the so. There is development of clever surface, not easy to cut. The naked eye can clearly see the three-color (visible dark blue, purple and light green color), so from all directions Tanzanite see have significant color changes, and sapphire only dichroism.

Dong Qing Shi: hardness 7, the proportion of 2.59, the refractive index of 1.54-1.55, the color was dark and gloomy, no bright and bright sapphire, three color is very strong. A direction for the lovely purple blue, the other direction for the light yellow. Compared with sapphire in all aspects of Cartier love bracelet replica very different.

Blue cone ore: hardness 5-5.6, specific gravity 3.67, refractive index 1.78. The refractive index is almost similar to sapphire. But the birefringence of 0.047 is much greater than sapphire. There is much greater than the sapphire dispersion, so the appearance looks dazzling.

Kyanite: hardness 4-6, specific gravity 3.69, refractive index of 1.72, the hardness of the various directions vary greatly. The kyanite column is easy to split and is not easy to be cut, and even if the cutting is successful, it is easy to form the appearance of the phosphor sheet. This is very easy to distinguish from sapphire.

Dong Qing Shi, blue cone ore and kyanite generally collectors are very favorite treasures, rarely for ornaments.

The sapphire and other blue gem differentiated, you can carry out the second step to identify the work, that is, sapphire natural goods and human selection identified.

Whether natural or man-made sapphire, its mineral composition is corundum, their physical and chemical properties are very similar. This is to be identified by careful observation of its morphological characteristics and production lines.

From the morphological point of view, unprocessed natural sapphires, often hexagonal barrel or columnar. While the man-made goods, the appearance of an inverted or like a short carrot-shaped, no clear edges and corners. Natural sapphire In nature, the crystal is called a very slow speed, which produces parallel to the hexagonal shape of the “hexagonal growth line”, also known as “hexagonal production ring.” If only part of this growth line, you can faintly find parallel lines. Where there is such a parallel hexagonal growth line or growth ring with sapphire, it must be natural. Artificial sapphires are produced in high-temperature furnaces, the crystallization time is very short, there is no time along the hexagonal crystal shape of the regular arrangement, but a layer by layer to add in the arc (the surface of the cylinder) gem on the surface, And gradually formed a curved “arc-shaped growth line.” Where there is such a circular arc growth ring or ring ribbons sapphire, it must be handicrafts.

It should be noted that the above identification method is equally applicable to the identification of natural rubies and artificial rubies.

In sapphire, how to choose a good sapphire it? This is mainly to pay attention to the color of sapphire.

To the level of color and color, sapphire blue can be divided into many kinds, the best one is with a soft luster of the cornflower (blue hibiscus) blue. This with a strong mystery of the blue gem, with a strong vitality of the ruby in stark contrast. This sapphire is only produced in Kashmir, it is also known as “Kashmir sapphire”. The finest sapphires, like rubies, have starlight effects, and six gems are emitted around the gem. In the United States of America Natural Museum collection of a piece called “Indian Star” 563 carat Cartier nail bracelet replica starlight sapphire. Sapphire color is too light is very good, the value is low, but the sapphire can not be too deep, blue too deep lack of angry and light, to lose its characteristics. Good quality sapphire to be uniform, no flaws and impurities. Pure sapphire should be like “emerald” like bagasse or “onion skin”.

In short, the color of sapphire should be moderate and depth to reconcile, sapphire also light and grinding flap points. The gem is a precious gem. Where to buy the darker, should be thinner, buy light, you should wear thicker.

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