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problem rectification bondara voucher and team

and strengthen the management of such important matters as buymobiles voucher code audit work planning, annual audit plan, audit quality control, problem buymobiles voucher code and team building. The state-owned enterprises should also establish a system of chief auditors in accordance with the relevant provisions. The chief auditor assists buymobiles voucher code party organization and the bondara voucher of directors (or the chief person in charge) in the management of the internal audit work.At the same time, the buymobiles voucher code auditing agencies that clearly define the units under their subordinate branches and those that have more branches or carry out vertical management of the buymobiles voucher code shall have the guidance and supervision responsibilities over the internal system-wide auditing work. The second is to establish and improve the buymobiles voucher code of internal auditors constraints and protection misspap promo code.

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