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Top 6 Wow Gold Making Strategies

Top 6 Wow Gold Making Strategies When I first started playing World of Warcraft, I had a lot of problems. From leveling, (I was a Resto Druid), to Gold Farming (I was in Travel Form until Level 60 because I couldn’t afford the epic mount) I was doing it wrong. I was lost until a […]

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I Needed A World Of Warcraft Guide

I Needed A World Of Warcraft Guide If your early World of Warcraft experience was as anything like mine, it was more or less running around mindlessly not really knowing where anything was or what to do. My adventures started off in Elwynn Forest just off the city of Stormwind. Blizzard started me right in […]

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How To Do WoW Gold Farming

How To Do WoW Gold Farming On most servers Thorium is nearly as profitable as adamantite. But much less mined! As always I recommend Using Gatherer to save all the node locations for you so you can plan faster routes. Start at Everlook. Head East to the Timbermaw camp. There is usually a rich thorium […]

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