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You’ve gotta be either a ffxiv gil buyer

What I do is that I have friends who are selling clears to keep track of the people buying clears. What’s funny is that a lot of them are “regulars” and I’m not saying they buy ffxiv gil or anything but….they don’t craft either…. Anyways, what we do is if some random person I don’t […]

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Search For Author ‘WoW Gold Pig’

Search For Author ‘WoW Gold Pig’ I’m a Wowhead. I play World of Warcraft (commonly referred to as ‘WoW”) all the time (really!) and have created several characters in the game with lots of virtual gear, items and currency, more than enough to play the game. This is a story about how selling WoW Gold […]

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Is buying wow gold good or bad

Is buying wow gold good or bad

You are correct that buying gold is not allowed and its now very likely your account will be banned if you do. This explains why so many RMT sites and private servers are hosted over seas. This is also why so many pirated movies come from there as well.

Purchasing/selling ingame gold or items for real world money is a violation of Blizzards TOS. You agreed to this the very first time you logged in and the first time you login after every patch. Your a

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